apache spirit ranch2

About The Apache Spirit Ranch

Apache Spirit Ranch is a family owned cattle and buffalo operation. We have approximately 3000 acres in the beautiful hill country in Real County located between Leakey and Rock Springs. We are not a high fenced ranch and all of the animals are free ranging. We do not do commercial hunting, only for family and friends. We have 5-star lodging on top of a mountain that offers a view of over 40 miles. On the ranch we have a large assortment of animals including: Whitetail, Axis, Aoudad, Fallow, Sika, Red Stag, Elk, Black Buck, Hogs, Quail, Dove and Turkey.

It's an honor to participate as sponsors in the 2017 OBB Wahoo Charity Cup and we look forward to hosting the highest bidder here at the Apache Spirit Ranch.